Visafone test-runs 4G LTE internet services

By Kokumo Goodie, Lagos, Nigeria

Visafone, MTN Nigeria’s subsidiary, has started the test-run of its Fourth Generation Long Term Evolution (4G LTE) internet technology service for smart phone users.

The launch of 4G LTE services by the merged entity of MTN and Visafone will roll-out superior high-speed internet services in major cities, empowering Nigerians with the latest mobile broadband technology which is expected to drive broadband penetration in the country from under 10 percent presently to the targeted 30 percent by 2018, in line with the Federal Government’s broadband plan and target.

MTN Executive, Amina Oyagbola, said the telco is determined to deepen broadband penetration in the country. “Our recent license acquisition further demonstrates our faith in the future of Nigeria. We believe in supporting the positive transformation of Nigeria and we have demonstrated this belief through the level of our investment since 2001, which currently stands at approximately $16 billion,” she said.

Speaking on the test-run and subsequent launch, General Manager, Consumer Marketing, MTN Nigeria, Richard Iweanoge, said the 4G LTE technology will be launched with the sole objective of providing Nigerians with the best, fastest and most competitive ICT services for all stakeholders.

“We are pleased to set the pace once again as we break new boundaries with this test run, which will be available for now for our Visafone customers, who are provisioned on the 800Mhz (megahertz) band. When we roll-out fully, especially with our 2.6Ghz (gigahertz) spectrum, the launch will help to enhance customer experience for our over 60 million subscribers, while ensuring greater coverage, access, affordability and ultimately a smart lifestyle for everyone,” he said.

The 4G LTE roll-out is a demonstration of the company’s commitment to accelerate the achievement of the country’s targeted broadband penetration by 2018.

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