Viasat, a US global communications company, is set to bring high-quality satellite internet connectivity to Nigerian communities, where limited or no internet service is currently available.

Reports from the Nigerian capital Abuja and Carlsbad (California), the headquarters of the company, said on Tuesday that Viasat has been granted a full suite of operating licenses, which include an Internet Service Provider (ISP) license, VSAT license and three Earth Stations in Motion (ESIM) licenses, to enhance internet connection in Africa’s most populous nation.

The company will work in partnership with the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), which granted the licenses.

NCC said the multiple licenses consist of operating within the 28GHz Ka-band satellite frequency band. 

The 28GHz Ka-band spectrum has enabled satellite broadband to be the fastest growing segment of satellite communications, and the leading global broadband solution to connect the estimated 3.6 billion people in the world left behind by terrestrial infrastructure.

Viasat said it has begun a trial programme to connect five unconnected Nigerian communities, covering approximately 15 000 people. 

Founded in 1n May 1986, the US communications giant said it would provide details on the trials later this year.

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