Verve International partners GhIPSS to launch Verve Card in Ghana

Verve, a leading payments technology and card business in Africa, has partnered with the Ghana Interbank Payment and Settlement Systems Limited (GhIPSS) to launch its e-payment platform and trade partnership in Ghana.

The strategic partnership between GhIPSS & Verve International which had the full support of Ghana’s central bank, the Bank of Ghana and the Central Bank of Nigeria is expected to expand digital payment services in Ghana, Nigeria & African cross borders at a scale that competes with what obtains in Western countries.

With the activation of Verve Card in the country, not only does it place Ghana among the 22 other African countries, including; Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Gabon, Gambia, among others benefitting from the Verve e-payment platform, but also affords Ghanaian Verve Card holders travelling across the African continent for business or for pleasure an opportunity to be rest assured of removal of transaction barriers.

Speaking at the launch in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer of GhIPSS, Archie Hesse noted that the partnership between GhIPSS & Verve International was a welcome development as it had the capacity to boost the Ghanaian digital payment system.

According to him, the new initiative open a new vista of opportunities for improved services and development of more home-grown solutions, paving way for the card portfolio within the banks to increase and Ghanaian cardholders having more exciting world class services & benefits to enjoy.

“Together, GhIPSS and Verve will develop the digital payment ecosystem across the sub-region and beyond,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer of Verve International Mike Ogbalu III who in his remark acknowledged Verve and GhIPSS, as companies having similar vision to grow digital payments in Africa, said the partnership marks the beginning of a great synergy between two organizations with similar aspirations to drive the growth of digital payments across Africa.

“Because we typically share the same payment and economic challenges in various African countries it’s also logical that the solution should be via African collaboration. In our attempts to solve these challenges, we realized the importance of partnerships; we also realized that GhIPSS’ visIon for Ghana is consistent with that of Verve, to drive the growth of digital payment in Africa”, he stated.

“So today we are witnessing the commencement of partnerships between Verve International and the Ghanaian financial and payment ecosystem, to grow digital payments, intra-Africa trade and ultimately drive economic prosperity. With this partnership everybody wins; the banks in Ghana, Banks in other African countries, regulators, & most importantly customers, as it becomes easier than ever before for customers,” he added.

In August, 2019, Verve launched its first international transaction in New York with a new product in its portfolio - Verve Global card.

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