User habits: Android vs iPhone and others

Opera, makers of the Opera Mobile browser, have released findings on the difference between the mobile browsing habits of iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and Windows phone users.

The company says in a new report that Android users are more likely to be active on music websites than iPhone owners.

Meanwhile, Windows Phone users are more likely to visit email and communications sites compared to users of other platforms. Android users are the biggest users of education sites, including websites for universities and general education.

Android users are the least likely to visit social media websites using their browser.

Across all platforms, the top two categories visited by users are “social networks & community” and “News and information”.

In September 2011, the Opera Mini browser saw increases in unique users and data consumed. In all, 131.3 million people used the Opera Mini browser in September, 79.1 billion pages were served, and 11.6 petabytes of operator data were compressed for Opera Mini users.

During the past month, there were over 131.1 million Opera Mini users, a 2.6% increase from August 2011. Since September 2010, the number of unique users has increased 84.2%.

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