USD40m needed to improve Mozambican records

Mozambique’s Deputy Minister of Justice, Alberto Nkutumula, says USD40 million is needed for the computer systems to improve the country’s home affairs records-keeping.

Nkutumula said many people live and die without records being kept of them on national registers. He said civil registration systems did not function adequately, and that an assessment would be carried out into the effectiveness of systems in use. The government planned to improve civil registration of births, deaths, marriages and divorces, he said.

Nkutumula noted the importance of birth registrations, and added that registration of death was equally important. "Many perform the funeral of their loved ones in a traditional way, but do not have the same care to inform the state about the death of his family. Those citizens should understand that the state needs to know not only which citizens who died, but also the causes of these deaths. Only then can we take action to improve the lives of people," he said.

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