US dignitary hails Econet official

US Secretary of State John Kerry has given special recognition to a young Econet Wireless Zimbabwe official who works for the company's mobile money service, EcoCash.

Speaking in Washington to more than 500 young African leaders, Mr John Kerry picked out Zandile Lambu as an example of the type of exceptional young leaders that Africa is now producing. He spoke of the positive impact that EcoCash has had on bringing about financial inclusion in Zimbabwe.

The work done by EcoCash is increasingly gaining international recognition as one of the most innovative platforms of its kind. With almost half the adult population of Zimbabwe using EcoCash in their daily lives, the platform now processes over $5bn a year. It has particularly brought tremendous relief to people in rural areas, who are able to get financial assistance from relatives in the city in a matter of moments.

In his speech, Mr Kerry said the US government had been inspired by Zandile whom he said was “walking the talk” to promote inclusive economic growth in Zimbabwe. “And Zandile hasn’t just spoken words about shared prosperity; she’s walked the walk. She’s used her position at Econet Services to create new trade opportunities for mobile money products in Africa,” said Mr Kerry.
“She has partnered with businesses to provide mobile money services to local communities. You know how hard it is to get money into people’s hands or move it or control it. Well, there’s a way to do that now in this mobile technological world that we all live in,” said Mr Kerry.

He said Zanidile has even volunteered to teach other young women how to design and develop mobile apps. “She’s not in this business to make money. She’s in it to make a difference, and I’m proud that the future of this partnership is also in Zandile’s hands,” said Mr Kerry.
Commenting on the remarks by Mr Kerry, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Chief Executive Officer Douglas Mboweni said the company is humbled that Mr Kerry had been impressed with the work being done by Zandile and Econet Services, which is spearheading a mobile banking revolution in Zimbabwe through the EcoCash mobile money service.

Mr Mboweni thanked the Secretary of State for his kind remarks, adding: "We are proud of what our young people like Zandile have done in making this and other services available. I am so proud of all of them, as represented by Zandile on this world stage. We are encouraged by the recognition of such talent in our midst and we will do our best to propel such gifted people to positions they can best add value within Econet Wireless,” said Mr Mboweni.

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