Karl Toriola

MTN Cameroon has signed a partnership agreement with the University of Yaounde I  for the use of the MTN Mobile Money solution by students for their financial transactions with the university.

The  convention signed  in Yaounde this week by  Karl O. Toriola, Chief Executive Officer of MTNC, and Pr. Maurice Aurélien Sosso, Rector of the University of Yaounde I, in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education, Pr. Jacques Fame Ndongo, includes the payment of pre-registration dues and fees to sit for entrance examinations into establishments placed under the supervision of the University of Yaounde I, notably: the Faculty of  Science, Faculty of  Arts, Letters and Human  Sciences, Faculty of Medicine and Biomedical  Sciences, Doctoral School,  Higher Teachers Training College, National Polytechnic Institute, University Institute of Wood Technology, Mbalmayo and the Virtual University.

MTN Mobile Money is an innovative and a secure payment service born from the latest technological advancements and convergence of telephony services as well as means of payment. In Cameroon, Mobile Money is available to all MTN subscribers irrespective of whether they have bank accounts or not. The payment of University dues is one of the services offered by Mobile Money. Today, Mobile Money is used to pay electricity bills, do purchases, buy airtime, transfer money, pay Canal Sat TV subscriptions and buy goods as well as services at supermarkets and accredited major shops. 

The University of Yaounde I is the fourth State University after Buea, Bamenda and  Dschang to use this innovative service in Cameroon.

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