Undersea cable maintenance underway off Alexandria

SEACOM  reports that maintenance work is underway on a section of undersea cable off Egypt, but no disruptions are expected.

SEACOM said in a statement that it had been advised that the SMW4 cable would undergo emergency undersea maintenance on the segment between Alexandria in Egypt and Marseille in France from 6 February to 10 February.

SEACOM’ s network uses the SMW4 cable to link from India to Europe while it finalizes its own link through Egypt within the coming months.

With 110 Gbps of active capacity on its network and a range of tailored restoration plans available almost instantaneously for all of its clients, SEACOM is able to provide uninterrupted service during occurrences of connectivity issues.

SEACOM said while these occurrences are quite regular on cable systems around the world, they mainly go unnoticed as traffic can be routed through other systems through restoration options.

SEACOM would continue to work on a number of projects with the regional cable industry to develop and roll-out more restoration options that are now recognized as a prime necessity considering the current and forecasted volume and the growing irreversible and critical role of ICT in the region.

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