Uganda opens BPO incubation centre

Uganda’s Minister for ICT, Eng. John Nasasira, has officially launched the Government BPO Incubation Centre at the Uganda Bureau of Statistics House. 

The Centre has been successfully established on 3rd and 4th Floors of Statistics House in Kampala. The 240-seater BPO Incubation Centre is currently being run by three private sector companies employing a total of 210 agents. The targeted employment for this financial year is 250 agents. When operating at full capacity of three shifts per day, the centre can employ over 750 agents and staff. Indirect employment is also created in the various sectors of the economy through provision of food/catering, security, transport, cleaning services, and accommodation.

With 50 registered BPO companies in Uganda, employing over 4000 youths, the BPO industry is one of the key areas Government of Uganda has identified as a long-term solution to unemployment amongst educated youths as well as to increase investment in Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES).

Speaking at the launch of the Centre Hon, Eng John Nasasira said that the development of the BPO industry is in line with Government policies and strategies including the Uganda Vision 2040 and that the Government of Uganda is currently developing a conducive environment for the growth of BPO.

The Executive Director, NITA-U,James Saaka, said that the National Information Technology Authority (NITA-U) received supplementary funding from Government through the Ministry of ICT towards the setting up of a Government BPO Incubation Centre in 2011, and NITA had undertaken a number of interventions in partnership with the private sector geared towards this initiative. 
NITA-U was tasked to develop basic BPO infrastructure, brand and market Uganda as a preferred BPO destination and improve BPO governance structures and frameworks to stimulate private sector activities.  
To this end, NITA-U has achieved the following milestones;
•    A 240-seater BPO Incubation Centre set up at Statistics House;
•    BPO Strategy and Model for Uganda reviewed and updated;
•    BPO Standards and Accreditation Guidelines developed;
•    BPO Incentives Guidelines developed;
•    Trained 500 BPO agents.
•    Signed MOU with the Egyptian Government to train 3000 Ugandan youth in the next two years.
•    Partnered with UBPOA to organize the 2013 BPO Leadership Conclave. This is a specially designed forum to discuss and debate around critical issues and needs in offshoring; near shoring IT & BPO outsourcing.

Saaka emphasized that NITA-U is committed to help transform Uganda into an internationally competitive and vibrant BPO destination.

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