Egypt has become the first country globally to have intercity bus service provided by Uber, the global ride-sharing company that relies on smartphone technology for dispatch and fee payment.

Uber Bus service was first launched in Egypt in December 2018 as a global-first intracity service, built locally to meet the needs of users and after being successful locally, Uber expanded the bus service to Ukraine and Mexico in 2019. 

“In July 2020, we have expanded the bus' services to provide intercity commuting, also built locally, and aims to connect cities together through the Uber Application,” Norhen Ali, a senior communications associate  at Uber Egypt told Biztech Africa.

Ali said safety is always a priority at Uber and since the start of the pandemic they have taken several safety measures across all products, including mandating a facemask for all riders and drivers and providing drivers with free vehicle sanitization services.

“For (Uber) Bus specifically, we have reduced the maximum seating capacity from 14 to eight to encourage physical distancing between the riders, and we have installed sanitizer dispensers in all buses for riders to use on their way in and out of the bus. The same measures apply to the new intercity service,” said Ali.

The Bus intercity service will launch with roundtrip routes between Cairo and Alexandria, with plans to expand to connect other governorates over the coming months, according to Uber. 

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