Uber, the global ride-sharing company that relies on smartphone technology for dispatch and fee payment, is targeting 50% female drivers in its recent partnership with Nigeria’s Moove Africa, a subsidiary of Grace Lake Partners (GLP).

The partnership will see Moove Africa providing potential and current Uber drivers in sub-Saharan Africa with newer car models when they request a ride and long-term access to vehicles as well. 

The transport sector on the continent is dominated by men but Uber hopes to change that.

“Uber’s partnership with Moove will ensure that 50% of drivers are women, empowering them whilst also providing peace of mind when it comes to safety,” reads a statement from Moove Africa.

Mimi Omokri, a head of business development at Uber sub-Saharan Africa told Biztech Africa that their goal is to make Uber the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive technology Application. 

“Our mission is to connect, empower, and support the advancement of women (both employees and drivers) and locals as we work to champion policies and support of equal rights causes,” Omokri said.

“The strategies and measures we have in place with Moove, will enable an equal and fair opportunity for all drivers to join, as we continue to open avenues that previously did not exist or were not as easily accessible by women.”

Ladi Delano, a managing partner of GLP and co-founder of Moove Africa said the partnership will empower Uber drivers across the continent through providing them with a clear and affordable path to high-quality car ownership.

The multiple ownership methods are designed to suit drivers with diverse budgets and goals, ultimately reducing the risk of defaulted payments, according to Moove Africa.

The flexi-rental option provides short-term vehicle access, that spans between one to four weeks, while drive-to-own options are available to drivers with 24, 36 and 48 month agreements respectively.

A big threat to ride hailing is the global pandemic Coronavirus that has claimed the lives of more than 8 600 while infecting over 500 000 in Africa, according to the World Health Organisation. Moove Africa said its cars will be fitted with transparent and perspex partition screens to separate the driver from rear and passenger seat riders.

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