Uber, Bolt and Yango face drivers' wrath

Ghanaian drivers working with transport network companies including Uber, Bolt and Yango have embarked on a strike action to protest against low fare charges and the high cost of commissions.

The aggrieved drivers who have organized themselves into a group known as the Online Drivers Union are describing their current working conditions with the three major ride-hailing app operators as modern day slavery.

They claim despite recent hikes in the prices of fuel in the country, these transport network companies insist on taking their high commissions without considering other factors plaguing drivers.

“The fare is very low. We buy our own fuel, our own spare parts, our own smart phone and data for the job, and then you are given a low fare too after a trip. My friend its very frustrating and wicked,” said an angry driver.

In an earlier statement issued in Accra by the group, the drivers numbering 300 were critical about the low trip fares charges handed over to them especially during long trips which go against in their operations.

This is the third time within two years that online drivers in the country have stage a strike action to demand a better working conditions. In May and September last year, online drivers withdrew their services against leading transport network operator, Uber. They had blamed the company for unfavorable actions including the charge of a 25 per cent commission and discount promotions for passengers among others.

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