Two weeks for EASSy repairs

The latest EASSy cable damage is expected to take around two more weeks to repair, says the undersea cable operator.

The East Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSY) and the East African Marine System (Teams) cables both suffered damage late last month, affecting some subscribers.

A statement issued by the EASSy Management Committee sought to clarify the situation. The statement said the cable had been damaged by the anchor of a cargo ship in the Red Sea on 17 February.

The cut is believed to have been caused by the anchor of this vessel dragging along more than 150km along the sea bed

However, EASSy said its “collapsed ring” protection mechanism had minimised the impact of the cut on customers, with the only services interrupted being those either originating or terminating in Port Sudan, or those using Port Sudan to connect to other systems for transit to Europe

The statement added that there had also been cuts to both SMW3 and EIG in the same area.

It said: “These systems are used to transit EASSy traffic to Europe. It is the cuts to these two systems that have affected Africa traffic to Europe. EASSy owners have minimised the impact of the SMW3 and EIG cuts on their customers by re-routing their traffic on other systems either via Djibouti or South Africa.

The statement said a repair ship had been dispatched and repairs to the cable would be completed by 22 March, depending on sea and weather conditions.

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