Tsvangirai visits Chicago business for talks

Zimbabwean Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai has visited ICT company Acquity Group's Chicago headquarters  as part of the annual Zimbabwe Trade and Cultural Expo in Chicago.

During his visit, Tsvangirai met with Acquity Group's CEO and co-founder, Chris Dalton , along with other executive leadership, to discuss the importance of technology and social media in the growth of Zimbabwe, its positive impact on government transparency, and the importance of its application for entrepreneurial development. The exchange included ideas on leveraging technology to better the lives of the people and to empower outreach programs that will create transparency between government and the people.

Africa is the second largest mobile market in the world, with more than 738 mobile connections in 2012. Trends show Africa is poised for quick adoption of mobile technology in all areas of life, including banking, education, political elections, health programs and most importantly, the search for clean water, as publicized by Water.org co-founder Matt Damon .

"It was a wonderful opportunity to meet with the Honorable Prime Minister and explore the possibilities of mobile, social and technological progress in Zimbabwe," said Chris Dalton , CEO of Acquity Group. "Mobile and social technology has the power to raise cross-continental awareness about pressing issues. They have the potential to provide an open forum for sharing information, organizing communities and fostering change and economic progress in Africa."

Acquity Group's digital and technology expertise in supporting many of the world's largest brands served as the foundation for conversations. In fact, this is the second time the Honorable Prime Minister visited Acquity Group as part of the Expo. In 2011, the conversation focused on entrepreneurial development and the investment climate in Zimbabwe and other emerging markets in the African region.

The visit took place at Acquity Group's Chicago headquarters, located in the Ogilvie Transportation Center. The Prime Minister also visited Capri Capital, Luster Products, Inc., Loop Capital and EbonyJet Magazine.

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