Sarah Dossevi, a resident of the Togolese capital Lomé, wants to leave Moov Africa and cross over to Togocel for personal reasons without changing her number, which she has been having for the past five years.

The majority of mobile subscribers in this tiny West African nation have expressed their desire to change network and keep the same phone number, according to a recent survey conducted by ARCEP, the country’s telecoms regulator, 

The survey, which took place on 31 October 2021, revealed that 93.8% of mobile subscribers want the country to set up the mobile number portability (MNP).

The regulator said in a statement released last week that the MNP represented a valuable competition tool to boost the market.

The Togolese telephony market has experienced an explosion in the number of mobile subscribers between 2015 and 2019, skyrocketing from five million (70%) to about seven million (83% penetration).

Both Togocel and Moov Africa generated a turnover of FCFA159.5 billion ($278.6 million), an increase of 6% compared to the previous year, according to the regulator’s 2020 figures.

Togocel, which is a subsidiary of TogoCom, holds the biggest chunk of the market with nearly 65%. Moov Africa Togo is owned by Maroc Telecom.

“I have been longing for this service, and I’m glad it’s finally about to become a reality in Togo," Dossevi told Biztechafrica this week. 

"We are helping these companies make huge profits every year, and I think we deserve some sort of freedom of choice, which is based on a number of personal reasons.’

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