Togo government to regenerate Togo Telecom

By Issa Sikiti da Silva

For years, media reports have been raising claims of mismanagement, overspending, nepotism, government's interference and other forms of wrongdoing at state-controlled Togo Telecom.

These challenges have made the embattled telco a laughing stock among the people of Togo, who are particularly critical of the company’s internet services.

Last week, the government said enough is enough and vowed to rebuild Togo Telecom from scratch to help it rise up again.  

The regeneration package includes, among others, the upgrade of the network, providing better customer services, high speed internet at affordable rates, better management and tighter control of spending, according to post and digital economy minister Cina Lawson.

US-educated Lawson also insisted on the necessity of rehabilitating the country’s telecom infrastructure.

Telecoms infrastructure is the fundamental basis of the digital economy, and Togo Telecom's regeneration remains crucial for Togo in its march towards the emerging process, she said.

However, some people remain sceptical about the new direction taken by the government to rescue Togo Telecom from the burning bushes.

“All these years, the government has been closing its eyes when the company was being mismanaged and providing mediocre services. What difference will it make this time?” a Lomé-based IT student said on condition of anonymity in a country lacking freedom of expression.

Togo Telecom is holding company of mobile operator Togo Cellulaire (TogoCel).

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