Togo capital city to become Wifi Zone

By Issa Sikiti da Silva

Lomé, the capital city of West Africa’s tiny Togo is about to become a Wifi Zone.

Togo Telecom, the government-controlled telecom giant, is busy setting Wifi terminals across this city of 1.6 million people, and the first one is already operational for free in the bustling suburb of Deckon.  

Anyone can surf the internet as he or she deems fit via a mobile phone, a laptop or a tablet simply by selecting 'Helim Zone'.

Togo Telecom said this week that the Helim Zone project is aimed at equipping all the areas of the capital with Wifi terminals to surf high speed internet at affordable rates.

As soon as Lomé is full interconnected, the project will then be extended to other cities and towns.  

While many internet users in Lomé have welcomed the innovative project which aims at transforming their subdued city into a hyper-connected place, some observers have cast doubt about the high speed claim, saying there is no such as high speed internet in Togo.

“Why don’t they say simply Wifi Zone, instead of misleading the people by claiming that the connection is high speed? We were told in the past that the dawn of fibre optic will revolutionise the internet in Togo, but it looks like we’ll have to wait in vain,” Jean Tiatou said.

The Deckon Wifi point remains free until January 21, after which the service will be offered by paying 200 FCFA for one hour and 600 FCFA for four hours.

 “Why can’t they give us this Wifi service for free?” asked college student Collette Simfele. “This fee is the same as we are paying at an internet café. At least 100 FCFA would have been better.”

Togo Telecom is the holding company of Togo Cellulaire, (Togocell), the leader of Togo’s mobile market.

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