‎TNM introduces new mobile internet services

By Gregory Gondwe, Blantyre, Malawi

Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM), one if the country's two mobile phones services provider, on Wednesday stepped up another gear in its mobile internet services with the launch of what the company is calling 'Revolutionary Smart Data Package'.

Christened TNM Smart Data, Chief Commercial Officer for the company Daniel Makata‎ says it presents a complete shift in TNM’s core data proposition from the technology used for data service delivery to the enriched customer experience and appealing lifestyle that data services bring.

Announcing the package, Makata said TNM Smart Data offers lifestyle- based, smart and affordable data products that guarantee improved customer experience‎.

Makata said Smart Data has been tailored for all categories of TNM customers hence a full menu that comprises Smart Social Bundles, Smart Surf Bundles, Smart Business Bundles and Smart Standard Bundles. 

“Data is the way of life for today’s technologically savvy generation. Smart Data puts on the table everything for everyone giving a new exciting and fun-filled data experience to our subscribers. TNM Smart Data is about a smart network, smart products, smart pricing, smart devices and a smart customer experience,” said Makata.

Smart Standard packages are the existing prepaid TNM data bundles. These are generic and not specialized bundles for multi-purpose usage.

Smart Business offers post-paid generic data bundles that function similarly to Smart Standard data bundles and smart surf bundles.

Under Smart Social, free full Facebook for all TNM Prepaid customers for a promotional period of 3 months. 

“Customers don’t need to subscribe to any bundle but just being on TNM is enough for them to access free Facebook for the next three months,” said Makata.

Customers will be charged for accessing Instagram, Videos and VOIP traffic within Facebook and all other multimedia content outside Facebook.

The Chief Commercial Officer also announced that Smart Social has brought with it another first from TNM by offering special WhatsApp solutions in Malawi.

The TNM data bundle called Smart WhatsApp offers TNM customers use of the WhatsApp application and other data services at affordable rates. 

TNM mobile subscribers will now be able to enjoy the freedom and productivity benefits of using specialized WhatsApp bundles to stay connected to friends, family and acquaintances and access information in the comfort of their hands, wherever, whenever at affordable rates.

“Launching special WhatsApp bundles in Malawi for TNM prepaid customers allows TNM subscribers to stay at the forefront of technology and innovation.  High quality mobile Internet experience is a priority for TNM, and with the growing popularity of our new Smart Data services, we’re enabling our customers to make the most of TNM’s data network with WhatsApp bundles,” said Makata.

Makata added that with Smart Data, the TNM subscriber is the biggest winner as the product range is customer-centric, cost efficient, affordable, convenient and specialized as subscribers will only pay for what they need.



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