Tigo Ghana records boost in voice, data subscriptions

Tigo Ghana continues to make strides in the Ghanaian telecoms industry following the latest release of the National Communication Authority’s Mobile Voice and Data Subscription figures for the month of January 2015. Under unstable economic climate fuelled by erratic power supply and a speedy depreciation of the local currency against major international trading currencies, Tigo Ghana managed to increase its voice subscription from 4,133,760 at the end of December to end January with 4,202,923. 

This comes as no surprise to industry experts and commentators as Tigo consistently try to put smiles on the faces of the Ghanaian populace by introducing various captivating and ingenious products and services on to the market.  The success of its “Drop the Yam” campaign which promotes the use of smart phones coupled with the introduction of an affordable Tigo Samsung smart phone during the last quarter of 2014 has without any hesitation contributed to this growth in subscription.

These positive developments also help drive the increase of its market share to 14.28 per cent by the end of January. Although other competitors including MTN and Vodafone recorded a slight increase in their voice subscriptions, their market shares plummeted by the end of January especially with that of Vodafone declining from 23.29% in December to 21.97%.

Whiles Bharti Airtel’s subscriber base increased to 3,751,135 at the end of the month under review from the December 2014 figure of 3,735,656 which reflected in an increase of its market to 12.35%; Nigerian owned Glo subscriber base recorded a decrease from December 2014 figure of 1,450,382 to end January with a figure of 1,438,929 indicating a decrease of 0.78%.  However its market share indicated an increase to 5.17% at the end of the review month. Expresso also realised an increase by the ended of January with a subscriber base of 274,550 showing an increase from the previous month’s figure of 199,059 and this also reflected in their market share of 0.59% for its CDMA network.

Tigo further demonstrated its steady advancement in Data subscription in the country thrashing market leader MTN who lost 258,596 subscribers with an upsurge figure of 2,263,015 subscribers as compared to its December 2014 figure of 2,097,167 subscribers.

According to the NCA with a penetration rate of 47.36%, Mobile Data figures in Ghana recorded an increase from 15,805,925 subscribers as at the end of December 2014 to 17,213,924 as at the end of January, 2015.

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