Tigo DRC rewards resellers for 2014 strong performance

By Issa Sikiti da Silva, in Kinshasa, DR Congo

Mobile operator Tigo has rewarded its activators and resellers in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for doing well in 2014 and helping the company move one step ahead in terms of sales, coverage extension and revenue.

Outgoing Tigo DRC managing director Cécile Tiano graced the event, which took place at the Boboto College in Kinshasa.

While the capital saw 23 of its retailers rewarded for selling more products, including Sim cards and devices, the overall winner came from the war-torn eastern DRC, where Butehera Ndamwali of the North-Kivu Province was crowned the best of the best in 2014 for selling 86 000 cellphones.

Tigo is said to be determined to be a ‘die-hard’ partner of the Congolese government in its impossible mission to eradicate poverty and unemployment.

More than 63% of the Congolese population live in extreme poverty, while close to 90% are unemployed, according to independent statistics.

Resellers of cellphone products in the DRC streets and marketplaces include university graduates and high school leavers, as well as former civil servants. 

College graduate Jean Ngandu, a reseller of various cellphone products in the Gambela Market in Kinshasa, told Biztechafrica that resellers deserved to be acknowledged for their efforts and properly rewarded because of the critical role they play in the advancement of mobile companies. 

People selling cellphone products on behalf of DRC mobile companies do not earn a salary, but do get a ‘fair’ commission based on their efforts.

So, there is a need to work hard to ensure that one gets something solid to help him or her put food on the table and support the family – for those who do have one.

“It’s no child’s play, it’s hard work,” Gael Ndombasi Kiala said, sweating all over his body as the 35 degrees Celcius heat simmers in the capital Kinshasa. 

Launched in 2007 in the DRC by Millicom International Cellular, Tigo is said to be the country’s third mobile network in terms of market share in this Central African nation of 80 million people.


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