John Moir and Kagiso Molatlegi

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Samsung Technologies has kept to the spirit and letter of the promise it made during Innovation Africa 2013, of equipping a school with computers. This time around, Therisanyo Primary School who participated at the conference during a Samsung e-learning centre demonstration, has benefitted from the same gesture. Samsung, through a partnership with Botswana’s Ministry of Education and Skills Development, has donated an e-learning centre worth over $65 000.00.

Speaking during the handover of the computers to the underprivileged school, John Moir, Samsung Botswana’s country manager, said Samsung aimed to bring sustainable solutions and innovation to Africa.

“This is part of Samsung’s overall strategy to bring sustainable and innovative solutions across the African continent to improve the quality of lives of the citizens of this vast and wonderful continent. Samsung passionately believes in changing lives through innovative technologies. It’s about making a difference, about caring for others, about driving positive change in people's lives in developed and developing parts of the continent.”

It is not the first time that Samsung has assisted a school in Botswana. Samsung has also donated a Solar Powered Internet School to Nxau Nxau. “The success of this is there for all to see, the impact of this is visible; sustainable innovative technology at work, using renewable energy sources.” He explained that they were prepared as an organisation to work with the Ministry of Education “to develop classrooms of the future, and with the Ministry of Health around Solar Power Tele Medical Centres that can be deployed quickly to rural areas where services are lacking.”

“Today we are very excited that we have been able to put a smile on the faces of the young pupils of this school.   Through the E-Learning Centre and the Solar Power Generator, the school will now have access to 21st century learning and teaching.  Our kids can henceforth comfortably compete with the most affluent and well equipped schools out there.”

He allayed the power shortage fears during the use of the donated equipment by saying the kit comes with solar power generator. “The power outages that we have experienced recently in Botswana will not be an issue to worry about, as the Solar Power Generator will provide consistent clean energy for the next eight years at least before the batteries may need to be replaced.”

The donated E-Learning Centre provides Netbooks, Multi-functional printer; the Interactive Whiteboard, Botswana aligned content and curriculum, Classroom management and extreme interactivity.  “Both the teachers and learners will be immersed in modern ICTs in education.  Honourable Minister will recall, at the occasion of Innovation Africa last year at the GICC, that we were lent learners from this school to come in so that we demonstrate the effective use of technology in learning and teaching.  None of the children had used any form of technology before and the impact we witnessed was nothing short of a revelation. We knew then, when the Hon Minister shared a light moment with the learners and they shared their experiences in using the new tools to learning, that there was no way that we were not going to continue the partnership, our investment with the school and the Ministry of Education and Skills Development,” Moir added.

A ministry representative, Kagiso Molatlegi, who stood in for the minister, said he was pleased that the children were being introduced to a world of computers. This exposure will help in increasing the rate at which our children progress in education.’ He also lauded the partnership that they entered into with Samsung, saying it was a unique one.

“We are very happy the concept of ‘adopt-a-school’ is bearing fruit and it has been adopted by a serious partner,” he said.


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