Telkom Kenya: statement on next steps post issuance of redundancy notice

Telkom Kenya has issued the following statement on the next steps following its redundancy notice of July 31:

“On February 8, 2019, Telkom Kenya Limited and Airtel Networks Kenya Limited, announced the signing of a binding agreement to combine their respective Mobile, Enterprise and Carrier Services businesses in Kenya into Airtel (to be renamed Airtel-Telkom (the Combined Entity) to reflect the combination of the businesses) (the Transaction).

Telkom Kenya issued a one-month notice of redundancy, with effect from July 31, 2019, to its employees, informing them of the intention to terminate the employment of approximately 575 of its staff complement, on account of redundancy, as a result of the Transaction. This is line with the law and is a process that has to be undertaken before employees are able to move to any other entity and is still subject to regulatory approvals. 

Subsequently, the intention is to advertise and interview Telkom employees for positions in the Combined Entity and its outsourced partners. Engagement of these employees will be guided by the Combined Entity’s recruitment criteria as well as the mapped positions therein.”

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