Austin Akufo Gamey Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group

The Telecom and IT Professional Union (TIP), made up of qualified Ghanaian engineers working for the three leading mobile network operators in the country, has signed a Collective Agreement (CA) with four telecom service sub-contractors with the aim of ensuring a peaceful working environment.

The quest for the CA came last year following agitations from technical staff of the companies demanding for improved and fair working conditions in the industry.

The Telecom and IT Professionals Union signed the CA with Linfra Ghana Limited, MP Infrastructure Ghana Limited, Reime Ghana Limited and Reliance Personal Services.

The CA spells out the responsibilities and duties of both employers and employees regarding worker performance, remuneration, staff welfare, disciplinary actions and dispute resolution procedure, among others.

Members of the Union are mostly back office, front office, field service engineers, IT/VAS engineers and technicians who serve as the backbone operations for the telecommunications companies in the country.

The leadership of TIP and the companies believe the CA would effectively guide the relationship between management and workers for enhanced service delivery.

Speaking during a brief signing ceremony held in Accra, the Chief Executive Officer of Gamey and Gamey Group, Austin Akufo Gamey who led the union in the negotiations, reminded both parties about the responsibilities that come with signing a Collective Agreement and urged them to desist from interpreting the CA but rather seek to implement it.

“We now have a responsibility; we have gotten a Collective Agreement. The CA is a prime source that sits between the employer and workers. And there is no way that the implementation will be easy, and I want us to appreciate that.

Sometimes people in the HR office and even in Unions may want to interpret something. You are not supposed to interpret anything, you are supposed to implement what is written without interpreting. If you have a problem of understanding what is meant, consult the available signed minutes,” he said.

In her remarks, the lead negotiator for the four SBC’s, Sika Abla Addo expressed her profound gratitude to all parties for working together to reach a fruitful conclusion and signing a Collective Agreement (CA). She then reiterated the need for both the union and employers to respect the agreement to ensure a health partnership.

“Now we will not do things as usual before, we have to inculcate the culture of working together as partners to move forward,” she stressed.

The President of Telecom and IT Professionals Union (TIP), Israel Edem Agbegbor said the signing of a Collective Agreement will go a long way to enhance labour management cooperation between the workers and the employers thereby leading to a very smooth working environment.


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