Telecom Namibia launches services in Kavango West Region

Telecom Namibia has launched its services in various parts of the Kavango West Region and unveiled a brand-new ultramodern store at Nkurenkuru’s Five Season Town Square mall, serving as a one-stop-shop for customers to experience new products and services.

“Telecom Namibia has installed TD LTE, and 4G technology at Nkurenkuru for fixed and mobile access services. In Nankundu, we introduced a MSAN, while communities of Rupara, Katwitwi, Mururani, Ngone and Bunya now have access to 3G technology. These upgrades and new installations allow residents of the Kavango West Region to have faster connectivity to the world; do easy mobile money transfers, online banking and have access to Apps and social media,” said Calvin Muniswaswa, Acting Chief Executive Officer of Telecom Namibia.

The new design store is in line with Telecom Namibia’s broader plan of redesigning its outlets for improved retail presentation of its products and services while introducing new technologies and solutions that will boost the country’s telecommunications sector.

Interactive and revolutionary, and featuring the latest in digital technology, the state-of-the-art outlet will change the way customers in Nkurenkuru and surrounding communities shop for telecom products and services. The store features cutting-edge mobile products and fixed broadband services aimed at enhancing the lives of customers and empowering individual communication needs.

The store also includes a customer care point where products and services can be purchased, faults reported, where customers can apply for new services, as well as a billing centre for services payments.

Highlighting Government’s commitment Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Engel Nawatiseb said: “The Government recognises the strategic importance of ICT and the major role it plays in contributing to the social and economic development of our country and its citizens. Various achievements in the sector since 1992, with the establishment of Telecom Namibia, has demonstrated clearly our ongoing commitments and Government’s political will toward supporting the growth and development of the sector.”

“Telecommunications impacts almost every aspect of our lives. It affects the way we do business, the way we grow our economy, the way we manage our time, the way we keep in touch with each other, and the way we build our collective human experiences. And Telecom Namibia’s aim to encourage the effective use and accessibility of ICT services and gadgets has to be commended,” the Deputy Minister said.

Emphasising the importance of telecommunication, Muniswaswa said, the provision of telecommunications rank high among the infrastructure that potential investors consider before they make a decision to invest in an area. “I am pleased that Telecom Namibia was able to provide the Kavango West Region with the presence of a Teleshop and services which helps to boost the region’s value-add.”

The new store will enable Telecom Namibia to service its customers in a friendly environment allowing for interactions with customers in an open plan set-up.

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