Telecom Namibia launches fixed mobile convergence services

Telecom Namibia, the Namibian sole integrated communications provider and incumbent telecom operator, has launched a converged fixed mobile service offering, the first of its kind by the company since it acquired a GSM business, now named tn mobile™, in November 2012.

The new service offering combines the best aspects of Telecom Namibia’s fixed and mobile communication services into a single fixed mobile product range, branded tn1.

“The service showcases how multiple networks – fixed, wireless and mobile – can be used to deliver a seamless, highly cost-effective fixed mobile service to residential and corporate users,” according to Isak Ouseb, senior manager for product management at Telecom Namibia.

Ouseb said the tn1 brand aims to present customers with a uniform communications experience, both on the go and in the house. “It combines the convenience, freedom of movement and personalised services of the mobile world with the high quality and speed of fixed communications,” he explained.

The packages unveiled under the tn1 brand are: Maxi, MaxiPlus and MaxiPro, all on a 24-months postpaid contract.

  1. Maxi gives customers the power of fixed and mobile Internet access, all in one easy to manage package. This includes a 3G device bundled with 2GB free data and a 1024k fixed Internet connection with unlimited Internet usage, complete with a Wi-Fi router. Attractive preferential rates are also applicable for out-of-bundle mobile data usage.
  2. MaxiPlus combines the power of the company’s fixed and mobile technology to offer customers new possibilities in voice and data services. The package includes a 2048k fixed connection with unlimited Internet access, a WiFi router, a 3G device with 5GB free mobile data, a smartphone and a cordless phone with 500 free voice minutes (for calling national networks), including unlimited free calls between numbers on the MaxiPlus package. This package comes with preferential rates for voice and data.
  3. MaxiPro is a converged fixed mobile business solution that meets the varied needs of today’s medium and large enterprises, by giving seamless and secure access to key business communication features without the restraint of being tied to any one device or service. This package adds value and broadens Telecom Namibia’s best-in-class product offering, with preferential rates for voice and data to business customers.

The new packages are part of Telecom Namibia's overall FMC strategy, which builds on the power of the company's expansive, world-class fixed and mobile networks.

"We see FMC as a new opportunity to leverage our extensive network resources in a way that will only benefit our customers' long term communications experiences," added Ouseb.

"Telecom Namibia can now offer its customers seamless connectivity between mobile and fixed networks in an expanded coverage area. This will allow us to retain more customers on our network as they transition between fixed line and mobile devices and give us the opportunity to demonstrate the value, strength and quality of our combined voice and data services," he said.

"This FMC solution deployment is an unprecedented step in the implementation of next-generation voice and data services and proves the viability of fixed-mobile services as we take our first step toward a true IP Multimedia Subsystem -- or IMS – network architecture."


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