Telecom Namibia ends CDMA services

Telecom Namibia has discontinued both the Switch voice and 3G-EvDO data services on its legacy CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) network. All CDMA sites were shut down on 31 March after most customers were transitioned off CDMA and onto the TN Mobile’s faster HSPA+/4G LTE networks. Telecom Namibia is replacing all EvDO devices with new 3G and/or 4G LTE compatible dongles. To accommodate the needs of all current Switch and/or EvDO users, Telecom Namibia has a wide range of different pre-paid and post-paid mobile voice and Internet packages to choose from.

 The telco said there were several reasons for the decision to switch-off the CDMA network: 

  • CDMA technology is no longer able to favourably compete with the GMS-based 3G and 4G LTE technologies. 
  • CDMA is fast becoming obsolete around the world and the maintenance of the same will not be a simple affair for any telco in the mid and long term. 
  • The main reason for shutting down the CDMA network is to avoid operating two mobile networks and offer mobile voice, data, and video services over a single GSM platform, as well as repurposing the spectrum, as needed. 

Telecom Namibia said in a statement: “This switchover from CDMA will allow us to focus our strategic effort on the advancement of GSM technology in the market, with the long term view of ensuring viability and further improving the quality of service to you as our esteemed customer. Our latest mobile products and services offered via TN Mobile are aimed at including you in the country’s digital future, and fuel innovation and entrepreneurship.”

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