Tanzanian DTV switchover looms

By Hudson Kazonta, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

With only two weeks before Tanzania officially switches off analogue broadcasting and moves to digital, many Tanzanians say they are still confused about how this will affect them. The official switchover takes place at midnight on 31 December.

Biztechafrica has found that many people don’t understand what changes will take place when the switchover happens.

Although the government, through Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA), is conducting awareness campaigns to the community on how changes will affect people and what areas will be affected, few people have information of what will take place.

Educational programs are being aired daily on radio stations and television with aim of informing people and helping them prepare for the move. However, many people, especially in rural areas, say they don’t understand how they will be affected.

Some people are selling their satellite dishes for fear that the dishes will no longer be in use after the changes in technology has taken place.

Others are daring to through away their analogue TV sets, saying after the deadline, their TV sets will not work.

TCRA has told the nation that old television sets will be usable, but viewers will need to buy a decoder in order to allow them to view the digital signal.

TCRA also advised that satellite dishes will continue to work since they are already receiving digital signals.

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