Swiftaide, the Kenyan job App that points manual workers to job opportunities

By Victor Magunamu, Kenya

Swiftaide, a Kenyan mobile marketplace App, is linking freelance labour with local demand, allowing consumers to find immediate help with everyday tasks, including cleaning, moving, delivery and handyman work.

The mobile App downloaded from the Google Play store is becoming popular in Kenya, attracting almost 1000 downloads since it was launched in May this year. Neither service providers nor consumers are   charged to sign up.

Speaking exclusively to BizTechAfrica, Swiftaide Co-founder George Karimi said the App is a solution to high unemployment in the country and are working on expanding it to other countries in the continent.

 ‘’ There are limited chances for permanent employment not just in Kenya but across the continent. Swiftaide is leveraging on technology to give locals part time jobs while providing consumers with instant services at their doorsteps,’’ Karimi said.

He added that Swiftaide is a location based application like Uber, meaning that consumers are linked to nearest service provider.

''We want to create an on-tap workforce without sacrificing the stability and benefits of traditional employment. We're looking to align ourselves to the future work model.

The beauty about Swiftaide is that you do not have to be the one providing the service directly, you can sign up as an agent and have people under you who provide these services basically building a business out of it such that; clients request you the service and you send your workers to provide the service.

Service providers signing up on Swiftaide are thoroughly screened for security purposes. Besides providing their phone number and national identity, they are required to upload professional certificates for authenticity purposes.

‘’These are people we’re sending to consumers. We don’t want to link quacks. The screening also helps us limit cases of insecurity,’’ Karimi said.

Consumers on this App have to provide their mobile phone numbers and identity card numbers.

Swiftaide charges connected service providers a commission of 15 per cent of total wage while consumers are charged a flat rate fee of Sh50 for some services.

Not all service providers and consumers are charged. For instance, those delivering food to households are not charged but we rather charge the consumer Sh50 for service received.

Those offering plumbing, electrical and other manual skills are charged linkage fee. Consumers don’t incur a fee for services offered.

The application comes with a payment wallet connected to local mobile money services like M-Pesa, T-Kash and Airtel Money.

Karimi said that since the App is location based, anyone across the country can render or access services in his/her area.

 ‘’We are working on expanding the service to other regions in the continent. It is successful in Kenya due to the country’s robust mobile money network,’’ he added.

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