STORMAGIC extends portfolio into encryption solutions

Drive Control Corporation (DCC), exclusive StorMagic distributor for the SA and SADC region, has announced StorMagic’s acquisition of KeyNexus, an innovator and designer of encryption key management solutions. 

SvKMS, the company’s first enterprise-grade virtualised key management solution for any application that requires encryption in any location, be it the edge, datacentre, or the cloud is now available.

“StorMagic SvKMS is an affordable, efficient and robust centralised key management system that meets the needs of today’s hybrid, multi-cloud environments,” explains Raul Del Fabbro, Enterprise Solutions Division Manager at DCC.  

“the company is taking a leadership position, eliminating the pain of encryption for customers by delivering enterprise key management solutions such as the SvKMS.  In turn this will allow our channel partners to offer a comprehensive, virtualised solution to their customers.” 

With processing and storage now placed outside traditional information security visibility and control, new security challenges need to be addressed in depth. 

StorMagic believes its modern approach to key management helps solve these edge computing security challenges by allowing users to run their systems as virtual machines anywhere while also securely managing keys for all their edge sites.

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