Startup rolls out beta Portal software solution in SA

Farloweb Technologies, a young startup led by three brothers who are originally Zulu but grew up in Southern California, is now rolling out a beta version of its autonomous software solution in South Africa.

The three Kunene brothers have built Portal Software - a ground-breaking autonomous software solution for international businesses enterprise groups.

Portal allows its users to autonomously save multiple desktop applications, websites and documents together instantly- and recall them all with just 1 Click. Portal captures the various working documents, websites, (on and offline) applications, and configures and archives those into a named Session for retrieval.  Portal software seamlessly saves URLs across multiple search engines including being compatible with both Firefox and Google Chrome running simultaneously.  The windows and websites saved can be accessed, launched and shared through the same Portal application.

When saving, Portal automatically saves not only the group of files and documents in a work session, but also automatically stacks and positions the windows in exactly the position placed when saving and closing.

Portal functionality provides users the ability to both send and receive a group of collected URLs, without the need for a separate URL sharing application- this includes educational references, online documents and shared research materials.

Portal's interface allows users to select specific URL data to preview and share and furthermore, the receiving user retains the ability to fully review the same data components in completion before launching.

The innovations include:

  • Autonomous instant save across platforms.
  • File sharing 200 times faster than Email. 
  • Save and Launch documents 1000 times faster than doing so manually. 
  • Functions within the natural operating system environment.
  • Lets research and administration users control work faster.

Describing their new solution as ‘game changing’, the Kunene brother are rolling it out to major institutions like the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal and private Corporate clients in Johannesburg.  

Zosukuma Kunene says the average computer user employs several different applications in the execution of a single work task. “Saving our work is limited to one single document at a time- worse still if it’s a website we often save our links in separate locations.  The truth is, our digital priorities constantly change throughout our day.

We increasingly need to preserve open documents and a configuration of windows and online assets when finishing different tasks. What happens when we need to switch, reset, or access our work from home?  The millions of hours spent managing information and remembering file locations, is managed autonomously through Portal Software’s functionality.

The software is not released to the public yet.  It is currently available in a beta programme through certain South African learning institutions and corporate organizations.  Individual users wanting Portal simply drop us an email on our website and we contact them directly.” 

“Currently in South Africa the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal, Nandi Heritage Investments and KM Risk Management in Johannesburg are just some of the early adopters of the technology.  We are keen to engage with other clients such as large private companies and learning institutions across the continent,” he says.  The beta programme ultimately gives individual customers the best version of the learnings with large companies:

  • Save and Access data with 1 click.
  • Save and Access multiple desktop documents with resource web pages.
  • Share unlimited websites without pasted links or emails.
  • Direct data sharing to the desktop.
  • Automated cloud data. No searching through cloud folders.
  • Activate technology on your existing desktop.  

From SA to the US and back again

The parents of the three Co-Founders met in London, where their father the late Professor Mazisi Kunene married their mother Mrs. Mathabo Kunene in a 600 year old Farnham castle.  The eldest of the three, Zosukuma Kunene, was born in London, and Ra and Rre Kunene were born in the United States, when their father took up professorship at Stanford University and later U.C.L.A. (University of California, Los Angeles).

The time growing up in Los Angeles was critical for the co-founders, as they experienced the evolutions of personal computing early on- spending time in their father’s office.  “We always knew computing was based on a library design, hence the Tabs, Bookmarks, Folders and web pages.  It made it easy for us thinking about Portal so many years later.  If a physical library employs a librarian, how can our digital desktops and over 1.5 Billion websites available, still be managed the same way without improvement?  We leverage automation to fix that.  The increase in applications and websites, means companies wasting billions of dollars on the repeated before and after time of a digital task,” Zosukuma Kunene says.

Rre Kunene has spent over 15 years working in the L.A. tech environment for various firms.  As Software Development Manager for Tactara, Rre oversaw various systems some sending over 650 million emails per day for clients.  Ra Kunene fortified in his critical entrepreneurial skills in the Agri-tech sector as the current COO and strategist for Farloweb Tech.  Finally to round off the team, Zosukuma as CEO, has over 14 years executive management experience, having worked with the Primedia Group, and participated at executive level in the multi-billion rand empowerment transaction conducted by Dintatla, Nandi Heritage and the Bidvest Group Limited.

With their California upbringing, it’s no surprise Farloweb Tech is based in coastal city of Durban, with plans to expand its offices to Cape Town and Los Angeles in 2020.

In their free time, the three founders have helped raise over 21 Million rands for South African student education from leading companies like the Bidvest Group and Airports Company South Africa. The Kunene science and technology initiative that they’ve help pioneer, has since placed over 700 rural South African students in Universities and FET Colleges in the past 8 years.    

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