Stanbic in Coding For Change to Drive Fourth Industrial Revolution

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

Stanbic Bank Botswana is proud to have participated in the inaugural CodeJIKA Movement, which launched on the 6th of July 2018 in Gaborone. The CodeJIKA Movement aims to see coding in 50 secondary schools in next 3 months. The platform, driven by non-profit entity Code for Change, is seen as Stanbic Bank Botswana as an integral step towards ensuring the building blocks of what if often dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, one driven by technology.

Stanbic Bank Botswana Head of Product, Personal and Business Banking, Wabo Moswate, said: “We are very excited to be able to come on board for such an exciting platform as this, and to be a part of the great work that Code for Change are doing. Software and computer engineering are the building blocks of what many deem as the fourth industrial revolution, and we are beginning to see some big changes as a result of this digital wave across the board, inclusive of banking. We need to impart the requisite skills to thus succeed for our youth at a young age, and we are pleased to see this platform does just that.”

Code for Change is building an ecosystem of coding skills and digital entrepreneurs in secondary schools. It launched CodeJIKA, a programme introducing and teaching the basics of computer programming to students in a fun and engaging way, in a bid to see sustainable impact in this space. CodeJIKA brings coding into Secondary Schools through student-run coding clubs. The Coding Clubs are run by students; the only requirement is that the school has a PC lab or that students have regular and free access to one nearby

The impact of the fourth industrial revolution to banking is becoming increasingly clear. Banking, in its simplest form, takes money from those who have and lends to those who need it. Financial services providers such as Stanbic Bank Botswana are investing increasingly into technology to make customers’ banking experience seamless and to enhance customer journeys, thus allowing them to make payments anytime and anywhere. In order to make this customer experience seamless, coding and programming are critical in solution design.

Said Moswate, “Concepts like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics are radically changing how companies do business in the digital age. To survive in the fourth industrial revolution, companies are forced to invest in solutions that can quickly anticipate and adequately address customer needs. To prepare ourselves for this great change, a substantial investment needs to be made in building a pool of individuals who are proficient in the fields of software development and computer engineering. The work that CodeJIKA seeks looks to bridge this gap, and we are happy to support their efforts. Teaching children how to code earlier in their lives sparks their creativity and helps them design an array of solutions to everyday problems.”

Stanbic Bank Botswana’s participation is built further on the foundation of a focus on digitization and the customer experience, both of which are central to the Bank’s mandate. At the same time, this provides greater opportunity to enhance educational experience for Batswana, which the Bank is truly passionate about.

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