South African software enters Nordic markets

An accounting software solution developed in South Africa, Palladium, is making its way into Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden.

Palladium is a multi-user accounting software solution for SME businesses.

In line with a new agreement Icelandic company Avinningur will market Palladium products in the Nordic countries and the Baltic states.

Avinningur general manager Dr Gunnar Oskarsson says an important differentiator provided by Palladium is that the database can be hosted in a secure environment, while the application is installed on the user’ s PC offering a true PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution and thereby a secure environment in which to work with the application even if the connection is interrupted or broken. 

He says Avinningur chose Palladium because it offers a technique and an approach that is much needed in the market.  Dr Oskarsson said the dynamic connectivity functionality is superior to the offerings of other vendors.

Stephen Corrigan, managing director of Palladium Software, adds that the solution offers ISPs or accountants who want to host their clients’ data the ability to do so totally securely and problem- free.  “ The connection to the database is dynamic and if it is lost, the software ensures it reconnects automatically and transparently to the user. All of the software resides on the local terminal at all times so there is no data corruption and a maintenance-free environment is maintained.”

“ The Palladium user interface is modern and easy to understand. We are well-connected, very familiar with the culture of the Nordic countries and we’ re therefore optimistic about offering Palladium as a serious alternative to existing applications in the accounting software arena,” said Dr Oskarsson.

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