Social networking suits hospitality

One of the biggest pressure points emerging in the hospitality industry during the past year is the pressure being brought to bear by the fast-growing mobility and social networking space – and their undeniable impact on, and importance for, the hospitality industry.

This is according to Rory Montgomery, in charge of marketing at Hospitality Technology International (HTI) - Africa’s leading developer of hospitality software.

“Everyone these days is using mobile technology for business and entertainment, including for planning where to holiday. In addition to this, households are increasingly communicating via social media sites like Facebook - and if hospitality vendors don’t realise this, and embrace them in their overall marketing strategies, then they are heading for possible doom.”

Montgomery said technology providers can play a critical role in assisting hospitality operators to navigate the minefield of vetting approaches from dealers representing social networking sites, or from social networking sites themselves – in order to get them “on their radar screens from a marketing perspective”.

Guests are increasingly relying on social networks to influence their dining, entertainment, and travel plans, and this is something “that isn’t going to change any time soon”.

“Any marketing drive these days must integrate with social network sites. Hospitality players must have a presence there - and they must make sure that people are constantly seeing them in these sites, or receiving links our automatic updates. Anything to get the attention of the potential guest, who these days is spending his life communicating, and making decisions, via social networking sites.

“And if hospitality players don’t know how to integrate with social networking sites, find an expert who can advise you how to do this.”


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