Seven startups built on AMPION Venture Bus Tunisia

After Tunisia elected its new president the young democracy will now already be able to welcome seven freshly baked startups emerging from the Ampion Venture Bus Tunisia 2014. After the Grand Final at Tunisia’s most prestigious university ESPRIT, a jury of high-level investors, bankers and decision makers from the Maghreb region crowned the eventual winners TrashCash, ExTails and Citizen+.

Following an opening speech by ESPRIT founder Taher Ben Lakhdher, the seven startups built on the Tunisian Venture Bus 2014 pitched their businesses to a jury consisting of renowned company and NGO representatives such as Youssef Bechaouch, CSR Manager Orange, Khaled Benjennet, Senior Manager at Africinvest and Bertrand Effantin, Country Director Morocco/Tunisia at Mercy Corps.

The AMPION Venture Bus Tunisia 2014 competition took place from December 14-19 and took aspiring Tunisian and international entrepreneurs to coaching sessions in Tunis, Kairouane, Tozeur, Gabes, Sfax and Hammamet. 

On the road, the participants observed local problems, developed solutions, gathered feedback from potential customers and clients and worked together closely with experienced entrepreneurs who accompany the AMPION Venture Bus as mentors. Through the international and pan-African AMPION network the startups will be able to continuously gather feedback of successful serial entrepreneurs and mentors world-wide and refine their business models.

A special opportunity had already been granted to the “AMPIONeers” on the very first day of the tour, when Leila Charfi, Country Director at Yunus Social Business, announced the application deadline for the SamsungFastTrack acceleration program at ESPRIT would exclusively be prolonged for the AMPION Venture Bus participants.  

With local investors already contacting two of the seven Tunisian Venture Bus startups merely a few days after the pitch at the Grand Final and many others applying for the Samsung Fast Track accelerator program at ESPRIT, the future is indeed looking bright for the young Venture Bus Tunisia enterprises. And they have some great role models to follow: Last years’ winning startup is now fully operating and recently hired five employees, other startups developed on the Venture Buses 2014 such as Halt Ebola and E-Maji are already in the advanced stages of developing their prototypes and looking to launch their operations shortly.

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