Senegal to issue smart ID, voter’s cards

By Issa Sikiti da Silva, Senegal

The government of Senegal is planning to issue new smart ID documents and voter’s cards, a project it said will strengthen the administration and fight identity theft.

The project, which is expected to help combat electoral fraud, is set to start rolling in 2015.

Interior and public security minister Abdoulaye Daouda Diallo told the National Assembly last week that the government was advised to go further than this, like integrating the driver’s licence into the same system – with the ID and voter’s card – but declined such proposal, saying it would for now on only focus on the first two.

Malick Gaye, whose ID card was stolen and probably used by fraudsters, said he welcomed the idea as it will go a long way towards protecting citizens’ personal information and combating criminal activities.

 “Foreign identity thieves have really taken advantage of our hospitality to make us the laughing stock of West Africa. We need a reliable, sort of a perfect ID document to keep us safe,” he said in the capital Dakar.

The minister also told Parliament that the government has ended its contract with the company that used to produce ‘ordinary’ ID cards to start planning the production of smart documents.

However, it remains unclear whether the government will launch a tender to choose an ICT company that will produce the new smart documents.  

Diallo said a larger amount of information will be stored on the smart cards to pave the way for the government to launch its E-solution project in the coming months.



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