Second ‘ICTs into learning’ course concluded

By John Churu, Gaborone, Botswana

The Botswana College of Distance and Open Learning (BOCODOL) has just concluded its second workshop on Integrating ICTs into teaching and learning at its head office in Gaborone. The short course is the the second of three such courses lined up by the BOCODOL managment.

Speaking during a project overview, the Dean in the School of Education at the institution Dr. Bogadi Nage-Sibanda said BOCODOL’s current strategy was to leverage on technology and increase the number of programmes and services that are mediated through technology. “A strategic decision has been made to progressively introduce technology mediated programmes and courses, especially for the tertiary level provision. This project ‘Integration of ICTs into Teaching and Learning,’ initially being conducted from the School of Education, and focusing on teacher education, is aimed at spearheading the implementation of this particular strategic goal, through the development of interactive online programmes and courses.”

She said that the programme was born out of a workshop on the “Importance of integrating ICTs into Teaching and Learning,” which was co-sponsored by the Commonwealth of Learning (CoL) and the Singapore government through its international Cooporation Programme facilitated by the Singapore National  Institute of Education.

According to Nage-Sibanda, the CoL acceded to availing technical support to BOCODOL for the project. “To that end, we have received technical support through Andrew Moore from Neil Butcher & Associates in South Africa, who has been with us since September 2015. He has been with us physically for a total period of two weeks and electronic for the rest of the time.”

During the first workshop, the team established the necessary the necessary resources for a meaningful application of the acquired skills and facilitation of the project. These resources included laptops and internet connectivity.

Dr, Tichatonga Nhundu, who is the Deputy Executive Director Accademic Services said it was important that the project becomes the college’s selling point in future.  “We want to institutionalise this project and make it part and parcel of this institution. We want to increase the footprint of learning in this country,” he told the participants.  

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