SEACOM wins 2019 BI360 Customer Innovation Award

Solver, Inc. named SEACOM as the 2019 BI360 Customer Innovation Award winner. Solver honored 5 companies for their achievements in 2019, across various customer categories.  Of the thousands of customers worldwide, these award winners were nominated and selected for their excellence in decision-making and innovation.  

“In a rapidly changing marketplace driven by advancing technologies, globalisation and innovation, Solver and its partners are excited and honored to support our customers’ success. So, this year we are especially excited to announce and recognize our top-performing customers,” said Nils Rasmussen, Solver CEO.

“As always, we want to acknowledge their achievements in corporate performance management, as well as their creativity and passion surrounding our BI360 solution. On behalf of Solver’s global family, we congratulate SEACOM with this award. They have excelled with BI360 to deliver faster, better decision-making capabilities.”

“Implementing Solver’s BI360 was the start of a reporting improvement journey for SEACOM. The scalable and adaptable tools allowed us to utilize it for the annual planning cycle, monthly and quarterly reporting and automated report distribution, as well as revenue forecasting models and a BI tool for revenue and contract reporting” explains Warren Wilbraham, Global Head of Finance at SEACOM.  With the help of our local implementation partner, we were able to deploy and see results quickly, saving countless hours in our monthly and annual processes while increasing the quality of our outputs” he adds.

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