SEACOM capacity fully restored

SEACOM has completed the process of connecting all customers requiring restoration back into service on the SEACOM cable system link that was cut between Egypt and Europe.  All of these services had returned to normal as of 11:47 GMT on 30 March.

SEACOM said in addition to restoring its own customers, SEACOM has also been able to provide restoration for customers on other East Africa cable systems impacted by the recent cuts.

"SEACOM is pleased to have been able to restore all services for our customers. We apologise again for the impact these multiple cable cuts have caused over the past 8 days. The work done by the SEACOM team has been outstanding. They have worked around the clock with our global partners to achieve a massive manual restoration task at a time of much disruption in regional cable systems" said Mark Simpson, SEACOM CEO.

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