Satellite services worth USD219bn by 2015

A new report by Global Industry Analysts Inc says the global market for satellite-related products and services will reach USD219.6 billion by 2015.

GIA says in its global outlook on the satellites industry that growth in the global satellites market is expected to be driven by opportunities in the satellite services market, particularly satellite television and satellite broadband services. Continued demand from government and other mission critical application sectors such as communications, broadcasting, air traffic management, and security, also augurs well for the future of this market.

The report says the sector braved several challenges over the years, including the dotcom bust early this millennium, the general trend towards fiber connectivity, the impact of 2007-2009 economic recession.

However, it the industry now stands poised to register growth, primarily riding on the ever changing needs in telecommunications, one of its primarily end-use sector and growing consumer demand for satellite-based broadcasting and entertainment services. The industry will be bolstered by growing demand for satellite services against the backdrop of growing need for longer satellite life, increasing number of transponders per satellite, and data compression.

Strong growth in the number of subscribers to Direct-To-Home/Direct Broadcast Satellite (DTH/DBS) services, as a result of tremendous increase in television viewership in developing markets such as India and China and introduction of advanced services such as HDTV and 3D-TV are fuelling demand for satellite TV services.

Growth in consumer broadband satellite on the other hand is being boosted by continued rural broadband rollouts across the globe and growing demand for internet services in Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) businesses.

Accounting for two thirds of the overall number of spacecrafts launched, the Government sector will continue to remain one of the most prominent demand drivers for satellites.

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