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SAP today announced it has made two interactive checklist templates for managing the risks of Covid-19 available to households and businesses for free through its Ruum app.

Stefan Ritter, Head of Product at Ruum by SAP, says: “Whether you own a small business, run a non-profit, are head of your household or are just looking to keep yourself healthy, these templates should help you run your day-to-day operations and provide an interactive checklist for managing the risks of Covid-19. The custom templates were built as a solution for teams and individuals who want to have a plan in place, but don’t necessarily have the time or resources to build one from scratch.”

A national state of disaster has been declared in South Africa as the coronavirus outbreak continues to gather pace. “No matter where you are, things can feel chaotic, with information about the pandemic moving and changing rapidly,” says Ritter. “It is important that everyone has a plan."

Ruum is a lightweight tool that helps users collaborate in real time. Users create a living document from which they can distribute tasks, set deadlines, input comments, and provide feedback simultaneously. It reduces the time spent on administrative and coordination work, allowing teams, families or individuals to focus on the most essential and meaningful tasks.

The checklists are based on the latest information released by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention. The checklist for households can be found here, while the checklist to help businesses plan and prepare for Covid-19 can be found here.

“Our hope is that having a plan and checklist in place can eliminate some the uncertainty and fear surrounding this pandemic,” says Ritter. “For us, it’s essential to put our employees, customers and public health first in this challenging time.”

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