Samsung showcases GalaxyS4 in Nigeria

By Kokomo Goodie, Lagos, Nigeria

Amid pomp and celebration, Samsung Electronics, at the weekend, rolled out its highly anticipated GalaxyS4 smartphone in Nigeria, adding a new Galaxy device to its range of products in this category. The firm said the new product is a 'life companion' that will redefined every aspect of the user's relationship with mobile phone.

The Managing Director of Samsung Electronics West Africa, Brovo Kim, said the Galaxy S4 will set the benchmark for how a mobile device can be integrated into daily life.

“The Galaxy S line of smartphones has achieved momentous success with 100 million in unit sales worldwide in less than three years. This validates the fact that we are addressing what consumers want from a smartphone. The Galaxy S4 builds upon Samsung’s tradition of excellence and provides our consumers with even more innovation that simplifies and redefines the way that they will interact with their smartphones. We believe that this device will be a true companion to all aspects of their lives; from work, to travel and even watching TV,” he spoke at the elaborate ceremony, adding that the device has been optimized for powerful performance on both local and international networks and is already on sale at Samsung stores and accredited dealers nationwide.

The world’s first smartphone to boast an AMOLED display with full HD resolution, the Galaxy S4 runs on Google’s latest Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean operating system and boasts 2GB of RAM. A most notable improvement lies in its camera, which now sports various modes to allow users to capture photos from sporting events or in low-light conditions with just one touch. Its dual-shot function allows users to take pictures and videos with both the 13-megapixel rear camera and front-facing 2-megapixel camera at the same time and combine the input from both cameras into one final product.

The Galaxy S4 features 4G connectivity, a brighter 5-inch screen, an infra-red light that can be used to control home entertainment devices and a host of sensors to track temperature, humidity and even its users’ footsteps. Health accessories, including an internet-connected scale and heart rate monitor also feature on the device.

The smartphone is the first to allow users scroll through e-mails, turn web pages and view documents, all without having to touch the screen. In addition, its “smart pause” feature enables users pause videos just by looking away from the phone’s screen.

The phone has an in-built translator, which can translate voice or text, and allows users to activate commands via voice control when driving. It automatically creates "story albums" of photos and videos, which can be synchronised with other devices, while its "group play" function lets users enjoy music, photos and games with family and friends.

On his part, Business Head, Hand Held Products at Samsung Electronics West Africa, Emmanouil Revmatas, said: "The Galaxy S4 is taking over the fame of its predecessor, the Galaxy S3, which revolutionized the world of communication last year. A great number of innovations were injected into the product towards delivering new value to enhance the lives of our consumers and also provide them with the ultimate communication experience. The device has already gained fame, alongside a solid reputation, among individuals and mobile carriers in Nigeria and across the globe and we are very proud of its accomplishments."

In sync with its thrust on providing innovative, consumer-oriented service, Samsung will also be providing its customers in Nigeria and other pan-African countries with a 24-month “Accidental Damage from Handling” (ADH) warranty to cover screen and liquid damages to the device, at no extra charge. A world first from the level of a device manufacturer, the warranty includes two free repairs in the event of accidental damage to the screen of the device.

Speaking on the ADH warranty, Revmatas said: “Customers that purchase the Galaxy S4 from Samsung stores and accredited dealers can register their devices through Samsung’s e-Warranty service from their phones within the first 30 days of purchase. In the event of damage, registered customers will be able to take their device to an authorized Samsung Service Centre for repairs. The Service Centre will replace the screen or board free of charge."

He added that customers will be limited to two incidents requiring repairs within a 24-month period.

Countries where Samsung’s ADH is currently available include Nigeria, South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, Kenya, Mauritius, Ghana, Uganda, Senegal, Cote d’Ivoire, Sudan, Angola, Tanzania, Botswana, Ethiopia and Mozambique.



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