Samsung launches Smart School in Sudan

Samsung Electronics Africa today launched its Smart School solution at the Ahfad University for Women in Khartoum, Sudan. The solution is a fully integrated one-on-one learning platform that enables teachers to deliver an interactive learning experience and provides students with immediate, reliable data access. The lab has 30 workstations comprising of Samsung Notebooks and Galaxy 3 tablets, file server, interactive Eboard, and is designed to allow teachers and students to benefit from the very best that a digital education solution can offer.

“Sudan’s future rests on the potential of its youth, and how much of that potential is unlocked”, says Mr. Kyoung IL Min, Managing Director, Samsung Sudan. “With this in mind, we are very pleased to be able to contribute to changing the face of teaching and learning in Sudan by bringing our solutions to schools like the Ahfad University for Women”.

Samsung Electronics Africa’s Common Shared Value (CSV) strategy is focused on education, and it believes it will be most successful by connecting its desire to improve lives with its long-term business goals in Africa. The company knows that to be sustainable, it needs to invest in African thought-leadership and ensure the development of a large pool of skilled resources. To do this, Samsung is delivering on a practical strategy under its global ‘Hope for Children’ campaign, focused on education, rural access and connectivity, and developing programs that speak to the broader basic needs of communities. And, the company has set itself an ambitious goal: to directly impact the lives of 5 million Africans by 2015.

“While technology alone cannot ensure quality education, it is critical that students in Sudan are immersed in a technology-rich environment from as early on as possible”, says Kea’ Modimoeng, Public Affairs Manager, Samsung Electronics Africa. “This will not only expose them to the new, essential tools of the world of work and give them access to well-paying jobs, but will ultimately allow Sudan to compete on the global stage and drive economic development for the whole country”.

The Smart School solution is made up of three components:

  • Interactive management solution: This allows teachers to deliver content to students and share screens, and enable them to monitor student progress and conduct group activities, and run tests or instant polls.
  • Learning management system: This provides educational materials and content, such as e-textbooks and learning apps.
  • Student information system: This helps teachers track individual student progress, attendance, and other important student information.

Students are also able to access their school information at any time – whether at home or at school – and are able to interact with their peers and teachers via online portals and engaging communication tools.

Professor Gasim Badri, President at Ahfad University for Women says: “We are very grateful to Samsung for this valuable contribution. The Smart School already has a positive impact in our University and we intend to use it to its maximum capacity. Samsung is certainly our technological partner in the advancement of quality education”.

Samsung’s Smart School solution has been rolled out in eight schools in South Africa. The company plans to roll it out in many more over the next few years, along with its other education programmes, which include the Samsung Electronics Engineering Academy, Samsung Solar Powered Internet Schools, Samsung Solar Power Generator, and Samsung eLearning Centres, all geared to support the development of African thought-leadership and the advancement of electronics engineering on the continent.

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