SA elite troops get hi-tech

Charged with maintaining security in support of the South African Police Service during Big Events, the South African Special Forces is using high-definition (HD) video communications systems from LifeSize Communications, a division of Logitech, to coordinate efforts in cities across South Africa.

South Africa’ s security operations during Big Events require constant coordination between local and foreign police agencies, international intelligence agencies and private security firms.

To coordinate activities, these groups now use regular video conferencing using LifeSize Passport, a portable telepresence-quality HD video communication system, and LifeSize Desktop, which delivers HD video communications from the convenience of a PC.

The high performance and unmatched simplicity of the LifeSize systems, combined with their mobility, enables the South African Special Forces to deploy HD video communications wherever needed and stay connected anytime, anywhere.

“ The LifeSize systems allows us to interact in real-time, enabling us to get critical information to our security forces faster than we could before using video communications,” said the General Officer Commanding the South African Special Forces, Brigadier General R. Maphwanya.

“ Video conferencing enables us to coordinate situations on the ground with other forces during Big Events and allows us to respond quickly and effectively to any potential security concern.

The LifeSize Passport and LifeSize Desktop systems used by the South African Special Forces were installed by Imago Communications South Africa.

The solution is designed to be bandwidth-efficient, so the forces are able to use an IP connection to transmit the HD video. That means security forces can stay connected from virtually any location. In addition, LifeSize Multipoint bridge has been installed to enable video calls with more than two parties.

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