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Rwanda’ s government reports that the national fibre optic network now reaches every province in the country.

The Minister of Information and Communications Technology in the President’ s Office, Ignace Gatare, said in a presentation to the Senate that the Optic Fiber Cable Network (OFCN) has been established in all districts of Rwanda, totaling a distance of 2565 km.

Gatare said: “ The Optic Fiber Cable Network has been extended throughout Rwanda and it is already physically connected to two submarine networks in the Indian Ocean); one from Dar-es-Salaam, Rusumo to Kigali and the another from Mombasa, Uganda, Gatuna to Kigali. Negotiations to enable Rwanda to use these submarine connections for several ICT services are underway.”

Minister Gatare explained that the management of the Optic Fiber Cable Network will first be handled by the government based on the principle of infrastructure sharing with private operators, and may progressively be fully privatised.

He added that the number of telecentres will be increased in order to allow more Rwandans to benefit from ICTs.

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