Record growth for Opera on mobile

In December 2012, the Opera web browsers for mobile phones experienced the largest increase of users month over month since launch in 2006.

More than 208 million users surfed with Opera Mini in December, which, when combined with the Opera Mobile numbers, brings the total number of Opera mobile users to 229 million. This represents an increase of more than 13 million users from November 2012.
Compared to December 2011, Opera Mini and Opera Mobile combined grew 30% year over year.

In December 2012, the Opera Mini servers (which do not process pages from Opera Mobile browsers) served more than 143 billion pages and compressed over 12 petabytes of data for Opera Mini users. More than 31% of the total users of Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are using smartphones to browse the web.

Opera Mini uses compression technology to minimize data usage and lower the threshold for accessing the internet on mobile device, by enabling nearly all devices, smart and non-smart, to go online.

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