President Museveni: ICT ‘must be integrated into transformation’

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni says the application of ICT must be integrated into the whole social economic transformation process of national economies. 

Speaking at the Transform Africa Summit 2013 in Rwanda, the Ugandan leader said that “ICT must not only be used to assist agricultural development, manufacturing, education and the services sector but also handled as a sector by itself especially in out-sourcing of jobs' abroad. It must also be optimally applied in solving challenges in automation of machines, storing and retrieving of information, identifying of persons to eliminate crime, in democratic voting systems, sorting out the wage bill and in defence systems.” 

According to a statement by the Ugandan Government, Museveni told the summit that there was no doubt that electronics and ICT is the way forward for the future in the social economic transformation of our people and countries and in that regard Uganda has already been linked to the under-sea cable and so far attained broadband backbone connectivity of 22 towns and municipalities out of 112 in the country. He said 6 million people, constituting 20% of the population, use smart phones.

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