Polycom eyes Africa for video conferencing services

By Semaj Itosno, Nairobi, Kenya

Polycom, a global video and audio conferencing solutions company, has partnered with Kenyan based Mitsumi Distribution to deepen its roots in the African market.

The IT firm already has over 200,000 video systems installed in 50 different companies in Africa. The company too, like other global giants headquartered in the country, has decided to use Kenya, which they describe as the IT hub for East Africa, as a base from which to reach other East African countries.

Chris Prowse Polycom’s regional sales said the firm considers Africa as a key market hence the signing of the contract with Mitsumi.

“This confirms the intention and determination of Polycom to make innovations in unified communications and video conferences available to wider audiences,” he said in Nairobi.

He said Mitsumi would provide distributor partnership within East and West African regions with Polycom’s Real Presence Platform solutions, which would meet all the video collaboration needs of any organisation.

 “We are positive that this new partnership will help us boost our agenda of developing the African IT market,” Prowse said.
Jagat Shah, Chairman and Chief Executive of Mitsumi said that Kenya has shown a growing interest for video conferencing solutions and so by adding Polycom to their value distribution portfolio, Mitsumi would help the firm enhance value distribution to Kenyans.

“Market changes have increased the number of meetings and more businesses are being conducted today, we are coming in to help African business conduct seamless businesses,” Mr Shah said.

Polycom’s array of services includes telepresence, video, voice and infrastructure solutions which are all built on open standards and are available to clients using mobile phones PCs, tablets and a dedicated room system. 

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