Phase 3 to consolidate on N26b investment to expand Africa’s infrastructure

By Kokumo Goodie, Lagos, Nigeria

West Africa’s number one independent aerial fibre network and telecoms services provider, Phase3 Telecom, has said it will consolidate on the N26 billion investment it has made in the provision of infrastructure to expand connectivity to the rest of Africa.

It said its major focus this year is to provide infrastructure in Africa to bridge the continent’s widening digital divide.

Last year, the company deployed 228 km long aerial fibre optic infrastructure from Kano in Nigeria to Gazaoua in the Republic of Niger as part of a wider West African roll out plan to deliver regional connectivity through a single network. This move, it said, would widen the market for undersea cable owners in Nigeria while enhancing broadband development in Niger Republic.

Now, with over N26 billion invested in network expansion projects,  Phase3 says it is poised to lay more fibre this year to provide connectivity to major cities, and smaller communities thus expanding its connectivity footprint across the Africa and making larger capacity available to mobile operators and other service providers as well as businesses across sectors.

This development will also see an integration of Phase3’s existing fibre network stretch across multiple locations and its connection to cable systems landing on the continent for a network that delivers greater solutions and benefits for all of its clients, its Chief Executive Officer, Mr Stanley Jegede said.

He said, “To achieve our 2016 roadmap, we understand and are very clear on the drive to expand our regional and global partnership portfolio to heighten provisioning as well as operational capabilities to better service high speed broadband, enterprise, fixed data services, wholesale and carrier-to-carrier service players.”

More so, Jegede explains that these partnerships are vital to realizing one of Phase3’s major objectives which is to ensure that such services as MPLS and fibre-to-the-premises and towers will ride on a refined and amplified network technology that continues to be relatively affordable, scalable and client oriented with an unrivalled customer service support.

In addition, the firm’s Director of Engineering, Olabode Ojo, affirms that Phase 3’s capacity to operate successfully in 12 years and counting largely rides on an uncompromising standpoint that when its clients succeed in business their customers in turn thrive and that creates a positive ripple effect across economic sectors. Hence, Phase3’s reaffirmation to do more in the area of infrastructural development upholds its top corporate premise to connect networks, businesses and people for the socio-economic development of Africa. 


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