Sisters Cristina Sales Ancines (20) and Jennifer Sales Ancines (15)

Two young sisters from Panama have won the 2011 LG Mobile World Cup for being the world’ s fastest texters.

The two, Cristina Sales Ancines, age 20, and Jennifer Sales Ancines, age 15, beat competitors from 16 countries through a series of rigorous SMS typing challenges to win USD100 000 in prize money and the world title.

In the final round of the competition in New York, players demonstrated their texting skills using the new LG Chocolate BL20 and the LG Town GT350, which served as the two official phones for the event.

Contestants from Korea placed second and took home USD20 000, while team Brazil placed third, winning USD10 000. In each round, contestants raced to be the first to type in phrases exactly as they appeared on nearby LG plasma screens, with no mistakes or abbreviations.

In addition to the main competition, the participants also competed for the opportunity to set a Guinness World Record for fastest texting on a QWERTY mobile phone device.

Cheong Kit Au from Australia earned a place in the record books by typing out a 264-character text in one minute and 17 seconds, beating out 2010 winner and former Guinness World Record holder, Pedro Matias, by 43 seconds.

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