Orange reports 8% revenue growth

Integrated telecommunications service provider, Orange, has announced an 8% revenue growth for the overall business for the first half of this year, compared to the same period last year. According to company CEO, Mickael Ghossein, the business has made major investments since the beginning of the year, enabling it to better compete in the market as well as offer more quality service leading to better retention.


“We have experienced a 40% jump in mobile network activity as well as an incremental growth across all business segments, demonstrating the strategy put in place at the beginning of the year is effective,” says Ghossein.

The aggressive Did you Know campaign on the company’s Tujuane mobile tariff launched at the beginning of the year has seen an increase in the number of mobile subscribers by 15.6 %, at the end of March 2014, in comparison to the end of March 2013.

“We are also certain of a further increase in subscriber numbers for the period ending June 2014, in comparison to June 2013,” says Ghossein, adding that the same will be reflected in the Industry regulator’s quarterly statistics report for the same period.    

The company also announced a combined 34% growth in mobile voice and data, following an ongoing mobile data awareness campaign and investment in additional 3G networks across the country, thereby improving on service provision. The company’s latest 3G expansion has seen mobile customers in Eldoret and Nakuru increase their data usage by 21% and 39% respectively. 

“The results are a confirmation that our strategy to grow the business across the board is working”, says Ghossein. The Corporate Data segment experienced a 13% growth during the same period, adds Ghossein.

The growth in corporate data is due to the company’s transformational programme which began last year, with an initial investment of KSh 1.4 billion, to replace transport copper cabling with fibre infrastructure. This has enhanced network reliability and improved efficiency leading to growth in market share. In addition, it has enabled the company to connect 35 counties to its countrywide network.

The company’s EBITDA has also gone up by 7.7 points, a clear indication of a positive trend in its growth trajectory.

“We are indeed positive about the trend that the business has shown in the past six months and our long term investment strategy is beginning to pay off as we remain focused on its longevity,” says Ghossein.

The company has also invested KSh 2.5 billion to further its expansion agenda for 2014.    

In a board meeting held on July 4, 2014 in Paris, the board members expressed their appreciation of the positive trend and the good results posted in the first half of the year.

During this meeting the board announced the appointment of Ms. Mercy Nduku, as the company’s Chief Human Resources Officer.

The board has also nominated Francois Bresson, currently the Deputy Chief Finance Officer to take over as Chief Finance Officer. Mireille Helou currently Chief Business Transformation and SME Officer takes over as the Chief Business Market Officer in charge of sales and marketing with Serge Medic becoming Chief of Security. Ms. Ann Nyaga takes over as the Head of Customer Care.   

The other members of the Management team include: the Chief Legal and Regulatory Affairs Officer, Ivy Ngana; the Chief Mass Market Officer, Isaac Muthama; the Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Vincent Camadro; the Chief Carrier Services Officer George Mokogi and the Chief Corporate Communications Officer, George Mlaghui, all who have since been confirmed to their respective roles. The current Deputy Chief Information Technology and Networks Officer Eng. Andrew Kemosi and the Head of Operations and Maintenance, Ludovic Lançon will hold forte of the Information Technology and Networks department as the recruitment for the position of Chief Technical Information Officer is ongoing.   

“These changes will indeed steer the company further, as we remain focused on claiming even more market share in the second half of the year. I also commend the good work put into the company by the expatriates whose tours of duty have come to an end here in Kenya; as they leave to take up new positions within the Orange Group,” concludes Ghossein. 

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